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Watch Pig Mans New Show: Boss Hog Order 50 or more of Tin Haul brand products and get 10% savings off your order Use promocode: PIGMAN at checkout. Pig Mans Tin Haul picks: Black Flaming Dice Vamp 7-11 Shaft Tin Haul Black Skull And Cross Glow - Anchor Girl Sole Skull And Cross Glow Tin Haul Black Gambler Boot Blue Hoss 4 Tin Haul Jeans Blue Heavy Distressed Jeans With Whiskers Multi Cone Zone Pl...

Pigman Brian Quaca

As Seen On TV: 10% OFF 50 OR MORE OF TIN HAUL PRODUCTS Use promocode: PIGMANFAN at checkout. Brian Pigman Quacas Tin Haul picks: Not Boaring Tin Haul Boot With Boar Obvious Sole Mens Cowboy Boots Brown Tin Haul Boots Sharky Womens Boots Tin Haul Tan Ladies Gnarly Pink Shark Boot With Man Eater Sole Blue Hoss 4 Tin Haul Jeans Multi Cone Zone Plaid Tin Haul Collection Blue Heavy Distressed Jeans Wi...

Pig Man Boots and Valentines Day

If your significant other likes hunting chances are youve heard of Pig Man. If you dont hunt chances also are that you pretend to know what he or she is talking about and nod a lot while he or she tells you all about it. Theres no better gift than to be able to share in something your significant other likes except maybe some kickass boots but well get to those later. With Valentine...

What Do Chihuahua and Leupolds Pigman have in Common

Yes what could I possibly have in common with Brian Quaca the international pig hunter from the award-winning Pigman series on The Sportsman Channel I mean besides being ruggedly handsome and incredibly manly caption idattachment749 alignalignright width236 Style 14-020-0007-0002TAcaption Those obvious points aside: The answer to this question is that we both love ...

Chihuahua Wants Gnarly Shark Cowboy Boots for the New Year

Can we all just take a second to bask in the glory that is my favorite Tin Haul boot The Gnarly Shark bootis on sale right now and thats cause for celebration. Whats so great about Gnarly Shark First of all these stylish boots are made of high-quality brown crackle leather and have an anvil stitch shaft. Second--and this is what really sets these boots apart--the Gnarly Shark bo...

$339.96 Not Boaring Tin Haul Boot With Boar Obvious Sole

There is Nothing Boaring about this Tin Haul Boot. This hand crafted boot is made to last with genuine all leather heel and lining. The boot also features a double welt and walking heel with cushioned insoles for added comfort and stability. A roomy square toe and 11" shaft are also characteristic of this boot.

The shaft of the boot is a dark blue and is stitched in a quilted design. The vamp is brown and showcases cutouts that resemble the face and tusks of a fierce boar hog. The obvious sole of this boot also calls attention to the fierce animal that is the boar hog and features a vivid image of a wild boar along with the Tin Haul logo.

Tin Haul’s signature Obvious Soles are protected by a thick, clear rubber sole that ensures the design is always visible. While the rubber sole may show wear, the design remains intact.

pigman aka Pig man will have a hard time passing this one up. * Oink Oink *

Runs 1/2 size smaller than other brands of boots.

Style: 14-020-0007-0202BR, Product: #14238

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