About Us

Hello City, Meet Country

The story of Urban Western Wear: A little box from a little town makes for a big smile.

Mission Statement:

To be an innovative western wear company, providing unique products and authentic services to our customers with ease, reliability, and care.

Vision Statement:

To be the most innovative western wear retailer admired for its attention to detail in customer service and loyalty to the people worldwide.

Our Roots:

Urban Western Wear is a small company started in the small town of Ganado, Texas. Urban Western Wear was started by three siblings, Lydia, Pamela and Anthony from the Bures family. The Bures family is a big family of seven siblings with their roots starting in farming and most of the ancestry from the Czech republic.

Lydia and Pamela knew little about computers when the company started at the end of 2010. Now they are in charge of send receiving and customer service. And to this day, if you call, you'll likely speak to one of them.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. When you call, you are likely to get a friendly voice with a Texas accent saying "Howdy, how may I help you?"

We appreciate your business and invite you to become a part of our family at Urban Western Wear!