Menís, Womenís, and Kids Dusty Rocker and Broken T Boots

Men love the newly released Broken T styles. Women love the interchangeable color inlays on the Dusty Rocker boots that give the boots a different look in a snap.

What exactly is an inlay for the Womenís Dusty Rocker boots? Dusty Rocker Boots are the 1st ever ladies cowboy boots with interchangeable inlay. The inlays determine the color of the small design on the boot. While the main color of the boot remains the same, the accent color can easily be changed by switching out the leather inlays.

How do the inlays work? The inlays are a small leathers pieces in different colors. The size and shape are the perfect fit for the inlay pocket, so they donít move around or bunch up.

Are the boot inlays easy to switch out? Yes! The boots lining have two small openings, one in the front and one in the back, where you can easily slip in and slip out the inlay that best matches your outfit that day. While the openings allow for easy exchange on inlays, they are secured to ensure the inlays donít slip out or move around when theyíre not supposed to.

Which boots do they work for? All Dusty Rocker Boots have the capacity to change inlays. Inlays will work on any boot branded as Dusty Rocker.

Where can I see the inlays? You can find all our interchangeable inlays here, in the same spot as all our Dusty Rocker boots.

How many inlays do I need? Each boot requires four inlays, two for the front and two for the back. Inlays are sold as sets of four, so for $19.95 you get all four inlays needed per boots.

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