Twisted X Brand Western Wear


Twisted X brand boots are a favorite with ranch and city folks alike. Not only are they the preferred boot of "hard-core" cowboys and cowgals, they’re the ideal boot for the "cow folk" at heart. Twisted X boots are available in men’s, women’s and kids’ styles and sizes, so every member of the family can have their choice of that "perfect" boot. Twisted X takes pride in their dedication to designing and developing better boots. They employ the latest technology to create the most durable, lightweight, flexible and comfortable boots possible. Twisted X uses the finest, most modern components in their boots. The moisture-wicking SD Footbed is antibacterial and machine washable, and the one-piece XSD Insole provides maximum stability. Men (and women, too) can all find the Twisted X work boot to fit their occupational needs. Available in both guys’ and gals’ styles and sizes, the work pull on boot features steel toes designed specifically for industrial jobs. The waterproof Twisted X fire boot is the company’s very first fire-resistant (FR)-rated boot. The boot meets European FR safety standards, which equal or even surpass U.S. standards. The fire boot features the valuable, time-saving "TX’s Quik Zip." Twisted X offers three lines of boots__ The Gold Buckle, Silver Buckle and Red Buckle Collections. The leather outsoles, midsoles and stacked heels of the top-of-the-line Gold Buckle Collection are constructed exclusively of leather. The mid-line Silver Buckle Collection offers durable, comfortable boots for either work or dress. The Red Buckle Collection styles are made with lightweight materials to provide the greatest comfort possible. In addition to its cowboy and work boots, Twisted X offers a large selection of casual shoes for big and little guys and gals. These shoes are the ultimate in comfort and are ideal for driving or just plain relaxing. When covered by a pant leg, the Cow Dog shoe looks just like a boot! No one will know the difference!

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