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Roar is a clothing brand that believes quality and comfort should go hand in hand. The brand emphasizes the concept of optimization or living in the moment. The vision behind the clothes of this forward-thinking, yet traditional-feeling brand hinges on that philosophy of making the best of every situation and never missing an opportunity. These clothes are meant for living life and enjoying it while youíre at it. The Roar USA manifesto reads, "Dedicated to being the best brand to deliver new premium ístatementí tops to pair with premium bottoms while keeping value and speed to market in mind." This manifesto lends itself to the background of the company. RoarClothingUSA came about in 1994, founded by Deepak Vasandani, who envisioned a clothing lifestyle brand that served those who are confident individuals with a "fresh casual" lifestyle. Roar clothing is trendy and truly artistic, featuring unique, individual artwork on every piece. In-house designers create handmade, custom graphics specifically to fit the ideals and image of the brand. These graphics are even copyrighted, ensuring that the uniqueness of the brand cannot be replicated and that consumers will only find this artwork in official Roar apparel. Exclusive trade dress techniques are utilized in the production of the brandís line of clothing, adding even more customization and uniqueness to everything it produces. Every aspect, from planning and production to the finished Roar shirts for men, women, boys and girls, is individualized and special. No element goes untouched, including trim, embroideries and custom fabrics, most of which include lots of bling. Even the merchandising and advertising has their own exclusive theme. Look for the roar life theme on the website or the #roarlife hashtag on social media to see examples of how the Roar line of clothing can add trendy individuality to every aspect of your life.

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