Which Lady has the Best Corral Boots? Chihuahua Can’t Decide

When I heard that Urban Western Wear was carrying Corral boots, I started making lots of room in my closet.  I’ve always been a big fan of Corral’s combination of style and high quality, and I couldn’t wait to get my paws on a few pairs of brand new Corrals.

As soon as I heard the news, I started seeing Corral boots everywhere!  Mainly the ladies Corral boots…but that’s because I saw them on all the cowgirls from my online CountryPassions.com profile.

I’ll admit it:  I’m a little bummed out that the girls beat me to the punch.  I had to go to dinner, dancing, coffee, etc. and jealously eye their footwear.  Instead of admiring their smiles, eyes, and personalities, I spent our dates wishing that we wore the same boot size.

But since I can’t wear their boots, I figured I’d do the next best thing: Blog about ’em and spread the word about one of my favorite brands in the process.

Why I Love Corral

Corral boots are lined with high-qualify calf glove leather and softened through a special distressing process.  This method produces some of the most comfortable Western footwear on the market.  Cowgirls must be very impressed, because my Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday dates all wore them.  What can I say?  CountryPassions.com knows how to make a match.

Miss Tuesday wore a classic pair of black boots on our coffee date.  Corral’s Black Crater boots are made with a soft gray leather covered with a black leather inlay and accented with silver studs:


My Wednesday lady, on the other hand, decided on brown boots for lunch. Corral’s Brown Crater boots feature a bone-colored inlay.  They’re accented with gold studs to add a little sparkle and shine to every step:


The Crater boots are better for daytime, but my Thursday date and I went dancing in the evening.  Her pick?  These fabulous Wing and Cross boots, which feature a pink inlay, silver-colored studs, and real Swarovski crystals:


On Friday, I met a lovely cowgirl wearing Corral’s best-selling Black Vintage boots.  I admired her feet during the entire three-course dinner.  These black leather boots have a lizard-skin overlay and a snip toe.  They also have a brown sole, so they look good with both black and brown clothing.  This gal sure knows how to accessorize!

CorralC1198 (2)

I hear that Urban Western Wear is getting a new shipment of men’s Corral boots, and I can’t wait!  Until then, I’ve decided to indulge my boot-shopping fetish by buying my favorite cowgirl some new spring boots.  These Chocolate Sand boots are made of tan-colored distressed goat leather with a turquoise inlay–a perfect spring color:


The only problem is that I can’t figure out which date should get the boots!  I guess I need to spend more time learning about the ladies and less time staring at their feet.  I’m still a little jealous, but I’ll get my own Corral boots in time.  Until then, at least I get to be seen around town with a stylish cowgirl!

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