Western Wear Accessories: The Essential Three

You’re rocking some Tin Haul boots, Cinch denim, and a pearl snap button-down.  Watch out, world!  You’re ready to step out!

Ummm…not yet.

“Accessories make the outfit” is an age-old fashion proverb, and it’s just as relevant in Western wear as on the runway.   And people, if you’re going to spend the time and effort pulling together the most stylish cowboy fashions available, why would you break this rule and neglect the finishing touches?

Luckily for you, I’m an accessories dog (and a boot dog…and a jeans dog).  Here’s a short list of my must-have Western wear belt buckles, wallets, and more.

Essential Western accessory #1: A leather belt.   Cowboys never let their pants sag.  Try this tooled and studded belt from Western Express.

Style #XM-7632-BRN

Essential Western accessory #2: A belt buckle.  You need a buckle for that nice leather belt, and the shinier the better.  This accessory really screams “Old West.”  I’m partial to this longhorn steerhead buckle with the hand-painted black background.

Style #61167

Essential Western accessory #3: A leather wallet.  A responsible cowboy is always prepared — and that means that he never leaves the ranch without identification and emergency cash.  Plus, leather wallets look cool.  Check this one out by Cowboys of Faith.

Style #7807000

Those are my top three must-haves, but it probably doesn’t surprise you that I have a few extra recommendations to add.  First, check out this Cowboy Up Roping Bag by Western Trenditions.  Those of you who actually compete in the rodeo ring will appreciate this well-built bag to store your gear.  I use it to carry extra Kibbles.

Style #1025290

Lastly, I recommend a good cologne.  Cowboys work hard out on the range, but there’s no need to smell like it.  This rough-riding Chihuahua likes Tru Fragrance Outlaw.

Style #91000

Ok cowboys, now you’re ready to leave the house!

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