Tin Haul’s Footwear of Biblical Proportions

The design inspiration from Tin Haul’s latest bestsellers come from two very different backgrounds:  The Between Two Thieves boots have a Christian-influenced design, while the Blue Damask boots are adorned with a cat-worshiping pharaoh.  But these Tin Haul boots have one big thing in common:  They’re both flying off the shelves.

Tin Haul’s boot designs tend to be edgy, colorful, and anything but your basic cowboy boot. At the same time, many of their biggest fans come from a traditional Christian background.  Tin Haul designed the Between Two Thieves boot to appeal to this customer base.  The “between two thieves” reference comes from the place in the Bible in which Jesus is hanging on a cross, with thieves hanging on the crosses beside him.

Style #14-020-0007-0074BR
Style #14-020-0007-0074BR

The toe of the boot contains three cross cutouts, and the white shaft is decorated with a thorn design to symbolize Jesus’ crown of thorns.  The Obvious Sole showcases part of the Bible verse, John 3:16.

The Between Two Thieves boots are a great example of how a risky design can pay off–these boots have been #1 sellers since their release!  Tin Haul even has a cowgirl boot version coming out this fall.

Tin Haul’s Blue Damask boots are also a current best-seller, but these boots feature an Egyptian pharaoh instead of a Bible verse.  Although I think that Ancient Egyptians should have worshiped dogs, these women’s boots exemplify something that I’ve come to expect from Tin Haul:  They contain both the expected and unexpected.  In this case, the brown and turquoise design is an expected and popular Western boot color scheme, but the King Tut design on the Obvious Sole adds something new and innovative.

Style #14-021-0007-0175BL
Style #14-021-0007-0175BL

This boot’s turquoise shaft is decorated with a Tin Haul logo, and the vamp has a laser-etched design that looks like hand-tooling.  Laser-etching instead of hand-tooling keeps the design consistent, and keeps the price a little lower.  Sadly, there are no plans to make a men’s boot at this time.  Maybe I can talk them into making a Chihuahua-sized style?

In addition to their eye-catching designs, both boot styles have the classic Tin Haul quality.  They’re handmade, with a double welt and roper heel.  They have cushioned insoles, and an all-leather heel and lining.  Plus, they have trademark Obvious Soles–designs covered in a hard plastic sole that doesn’t slip or wear out.

Personally, I belong to the Church of Western Fashion, and strongly believe in both boots.  Quality products with edgy, fun designs are rare and sacred, but Tin Haul boots always deliver.

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