Tin Haul Kids’ Boots are Here!

We are excited to finally share a little secret we’ve known for a while. Tin Haul Boots are now available in kids’ sizes ONLY at Urban Western Wear! The modern and playful designs that is iconic to Tin Haul are perfect for little kids. Tin Haul has made adjustments to ensure the new sizes allow for the mobility and comfort that little feet require; while maintaining the signature Obvious sole, which features a fun design on the soles, they have added ridges to aid with traction and prevent slipping.

In true Tin Haul style, the first six designs launched are mini versions of some of the best sellers of all time, which means there are some great opportunities for matching parent and kids boots! Ready to see them all? Here we go!

Tin Haul Kids’ Gnarly Shark Boot

The best seller of all time now in kids sizes! This boot features a distressed leather look and the signature shark on a square toe. The phrase on the sole reads “The ground is my ocean. I am a shark and most people don’t even know how to swim.”

Tin Haul Between Two Thieves Kids’ Boot

Between Two Thieves is one of the most popular Tin Haul Boots in both men and women’s styles. The kids’ style mirrors it’s adult counterparts with the white cross design and the bottom soles featuring John 3:16 “For God loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life.”

Tin Haul Kids’ Sergeant at Arms Boot

Another replica of an adult style this boot is for the proud all american cowboy. With a camouflaged shaft adorned with an embroidered eagle, this square toe boot features an eagle on the left sole and the phrase “United We Stand” on the right sole.

Tin Haul Kids’ Checkered Boot

The brand new kids’ collection would not be complete without a boot featuring Tin Haul’s signature patchwork. The foot has a black and white checkered look with the Tin Haul logo f on the shaft and the sole.

Tin Haul Kids’ Barbwire What’s Your Beef Boot

This bright orange soles have the warning “Please hold Tin Haul responsible for all the positive attention you receive” on the heel. The shaft has a distressed look in metallic blue and neon green and the foot has a barbwire design embroidered on the leather.

Tin Haul Kids’ Neon Star Unicorn Boot

The purple metallic shaft with hot pink Tin Haul logo embroidered goes perfectly with the embroidered star design on the foot. The soles of this style feature a hot pink background with a regal white unicorn.

All six styles are handmade, all leather, exclusive to Urban Western Wear and cannot be purchased at any other retailers.