Tin Haul Boots Pass the Style Test

I just got back from testing Urban Western Wear’s latest haul of Tin Haul–and let me tell you, the new collection passed with flying colors.

It wasn’t necessary to test for quality:  I already know these boots have classic Tin Haul characteristics like a double welt, roper heel, cushioned insole, and an all-leather heel and lining.  And that’s all in addition to the Obvious Sole–Tin Haul’s patented protective covering that preserves the unique artwork on the soles of their boots.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what I did need to test.

Just one thing:  Style.

I selected three of my favorite new Tin Haul boots and put them through a rigorous course of dinner dates, pool halls, and fancy galas.  All in the name of research, of course.  What can I say?  I’m very dedicated to my job.

Style Test #1:  Tin Haul Black Skull and Cross Glow boots 

I wore these edgy black boots when I went out to a nice dinner.  While I was strutting around the restaurant, several people caught a glimpse of the vamp on the sole and asked for a closer look.  Plus, a couple folks stared at the skull and crossbone cutout and asked me where I got those “cool pirate boots.”  One lady even asked if she could pet me.

Style #14-020-0007-0076BL

Test #2: Tin Haul Blue Pool Hall boots

My mission:  To wear these “Pool Hall” boots to an actual pool hall.  Act nonchalant.  See what happens.

The result:  Success!  I got a ton of comments.  Someone asked why our pool hall wasn’t open 24 hours, like the design on the boot says.  Another person commented on the perfect design on the Obvious Sole: dogs playing pool!  I mean, think about it:  a Chihuahua in a pool hall wearing boots with dogs on the sole and a pool hall design on the shaft . . . that’s just mind blowing!

Another lady asked to pet me and commented on my “cute little doggie shoes.”  Not sure I would call them “cute,” but I did appreciate the ear scratching.  That’s two for two.

Style #14-020-0007-0075BU

Test #3: Tin Haul Tan Phaser Shot boots

A friend told me that testing pool hall boots at a pool hall was too easy (What? I like to set myself up for success!), so I agreed to wear these fun, slightly crazy boots to a formal, black-tie gala.  (I don’t mind wearing cowboy boots with a tuxedo, but usually I go with something like this…)

Anyway, I was the only person at the gala in boots, but they were a hit!  First, I was given a great table because the event coordinator took one look at decided I was a VIP.  Then, a ton of men in their penguin suits asked where I got the boots–I think I started a trend!

These boots won over my skeptical friend.

Style #14-020-0007-0090TA

Tin Haul has a lot of new styles out right now.  Even though I know they’ll all pass my style test, I hope I get to try them all anyway.  These boots have attention-grabbing artwork on the shafts and soles–and I like attention (and the ear scratches!).

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