Stylish in Cinch

Ya’ll know how I feel about Stetson − I love this brand for their long history of quality and style.  But every Chicken needs to branch out from the comfortable coop once in a while.  So when I feel like shaking my feathers a little more than usual, I step out in Cinch Jeans.  Maybe one of their shirts too if I’m feeling really frisky.

But don’t get me wrong.  Even when I do branch out, I still carefully research each and every piece of clothing that I put on before allowing its material on my chicken legs.  So you can trust me when I say I like certain western gear.  But just in case you need me to back up my opinion, here’s a little information about Cinch.

Cinch Jeans was founded in 1996, which is a lot later than Stetson (founded in 1865), but the brand caught on almost immediately.  More importantly, Cinch caught on with the right people:  professional rodeo and bull riding athletes who needed quality fit and style for their sport.  It’s true − Cinch clothing is worn by professional equine athletes like Robbie Boyce and Clint Allen, and professional bull riders like J.W. Harris and Ross Coleman.

But you don’t have to be a professional cowboy to enjoy Cinch Jeans − their clothes are great for weekend cowboys, too.  In fact, soon after the brand was embraced by the pros, Cinch rolled out a line of casual western wear for the rest of us.

I’m getting ahead of myself!  Let’s back up to 1996 again:  the very first style of Cinch jeans was the Green Label, which has a medium rise and a fitted waist and hip.  It’s still around today and very popular with urban and country cowboys alike.

Cinch Green Label Jeans

The Green Label is considered a “basic” (but very high quality!) jean, but Cinch also makes western fashion denim, like the Brayden style with flap pockets.  These jeans are stylish, but still relaxed, which means a cowboy can wear them to a dude ranch or out to the dancehall.

You’re probably thinking, “Hey Chicken, jeans are nice and all, but I have lots of those and have no idea what to wear on top!”  Don’t worry, Cinch makes great western shirts too – and their wide variety means that there’s sure to be something that catches your fancy.  They make short-sleeve paisley shirts and western fashion t-shirts, but they also have good ‘ol western button-down shirts for classic chickens like myself.

Cinch Plaid Shirt
Cinch long-sleeve brown plaid

So, the bottom line is, Cinch offers a little something for everybody, from hard-riding rodeo cowboys to regular guys who just want a great (and stylish!) pair of jeans.  In fact, there’s only one thing missing from the Cinch line: cowboy boots.  But if you remember from my Stetson blog post, Stetson didn’t start making boots until 140 years after they were founded!  Hopefully Cinch will be a little faster in their boot production − I can’t wait to add Cinch boots to my collection.

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