Style + Safety: The Ariat Fire Retardant (FR) Line

A hardworking chicken like myself really appreciates all the new fire-retardant apparel lines on the market.  The latest?  Ariat FR Apparel — a line so stylish that you might expect Chihuahua to be writing this blog post instead.  Don’t get me wrong–I think looks are important–but what I really love about the Ariat FR line is its quality.

For example, Ariat’s FR denim was recently tested at an ATPV of 20.  What does that mean?  Arch Thermal Protective Value (ATPV) is a rating that indicates how well a piece of fire-retardant clothing protects the wearer.  The higher the rating, the more protective. Ariat’s denim is only required to have an ATPV of 8 or more to pass HRC 2 safety ratings. That means it’s well over the performance mark.

A lot of Ariat’s best customers are young guys who work in oil fields and need FR safety clothing.  They tell me that they appreciate Ariat’s fresh take on FR clothing–their FR denim is based on the ever popular Ariat M4 style.  That means the jeans have a low-rise, bootcut leg, and modern washes and tacking.  Not the usual “old leathery cowboy” style prevalent in many FR clothing.  (I sure like that old Western look though…)

Then you’ve got Ariat’s FR woven work shirts.  These durable, twill shirts look like any classic button-down.  They come in one-pocket and two-pocket styles, and you can even choose striped, plaid, or solid.

But don’t be fooled by their preppy appearance–these shirts were made for more than a desk job.  The arms have an extended inseam that allows for greater mobility.  And, the cuffs won’t ride up, and your shirt tails will stay tucked in while you work.

Feel like wearing something casual?  Try Ariat’s FR long-sleeved knit work shirt with a crew neck.  This 100% cotton shirt has an athletic-inspired design, and a rib-knit collar and cuffs.  The taped inside back seam keeps your neck from getting irritated while you’re moving around at work.  This shirt will keep you safe at work, and comfortable when you get home.

Here’s a fun fact:  ATPV protection increases when you layer clothing.  On cooler days, try the Ariat FR Work Quarter Zip.  It’s a lightweight layer with a moisture management technology that helps regulate your body temperature.  It has one pocket with a zip closure, and a taped inside back seam like the crew neck shirts.

So take heart, young oil and gas workers! Complying with safety standards doesn’t mean giving up the clothing styles that you love.

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