Silver Jeans Get a Gold Medal from Chihuahua

Silver Jeans has a long history in denim-making.  In 1921, the Silver family founded the leather and denim workwear company as Western Glove Works–but Silver Jeans Co. wasn’t founded until 1991, when the family realized that there was a market for high-quality jeans.  Luckily for them, they already had 70 years of producing great denim wear under their belts.  And their first style of jeans, a unisex pair called the “Frisco,” was soon under the belts of 2 million happy customers.

Silver Jeans has a reputation for providing reasonably priced denim with a really great fit.  Why do Silver Jeans fit so well?  Well, for one thing, they offer options to flatter any body type–lots of different cuts that vary the amount of room in the thigh area, the leg opening, the rise, and more.  That means that whether you’re a Boxer, German Shepherd, Dachsund, or petite Chihuahua like me, Silver jeans will have a style of Western jeans that look good on you.

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For example, the Grayson fit is roomy in the thigh and cut straight from the waist to hip,  It’s roomy — but definitely not baggy. I like this style for weekday happy hour and weekend shopping.

Style #M4610LD158

Then there’s the Nash, which I consider a little fancier.  It’s slender, but not too slim, and conforms to the body.  The shape is flattering for most people.  I get a lot of compliments on my shapely tail when I wear these jeans.

Style #M2434LJB482

And cowgirls, don’t think that I’ve forgotten about you!  This dog knows that it’s even harder for ladies to find the perfect pair of women’s jeans.  Don’t worry–Silver’s got you covered whether you’re petite, curvy, slender, or plus-sized.

Take the Suki, for instance.  It’s one of Silver’s most popular styles, and Urban Western Wear sells three variations: regular, plus-sized, and flap pockets. This style flatters cowgirls with curves–hugging the hips and thighs without being too tight, and narrowing down on the waist to avoid the dreaded “back gap.”  The Suki has feminine embroidery on the back pockets and bootcut legs–essential for those cowgirl boots.

Style #L9516SJB485

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go slip on a pair of Nash jeans and go out on the town. Rowr!



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