American as Apple Pie and Fried Chicken… Wait?

Every four years a miracle happens. Americans put aside their petty differences to root for Team USA during the Olympics. Of course, that all goes out the window mid-closing ceremony as the reality of the upcoming presidential election sinks in.

The claws (or paws) come out in even the most timid Americans during this time of year, so Chihuahua and I learned not to discuss politics long ago. But we can agree that patriotic apparel looks good on everyone, whether you are red, blue, bird or mammal.

Roper Apparel has this great Stars and Stripes American Flag Patriotic Collection that is available in long or short sleeved styles, so you can look patriotic in any season. If it’s a little chilly standing outside your voting precinct, you can always layer on a vest so that your stars and stripes are still on display, but you aren’t shaking like Chihuahua.

Mens Patriotic Collection Pieced American Flag Shirt
Men’s Long Sleeve Roper Red Stars & Stripes Pieced American Flag Patriotic Collection

Women's Short Sleeve USA Flag Shirt
Women’s Short Sleeve Roper Red Stars & Stripes Pieced American Flag Patriotic Collection

Since we were built Texas Tough, I have to point out how much we like the Texas flag shirt variation of the American flag shirts. You don’t have to be from the Lone Star State to enjoy these, but it’s ok to admit you’re a little jealous.

Boys Texas Pieced Flag Shirt
Boys’ Shirts Roper Navy Texas Pieced Flag Texas Collection

On Election Day, you can wear your candidate on your chest; or you can practice a separation of shirt and state and sport the American flag close to your heart. Now pairing it with red or blue boots is completely up to you.

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