Make a Statement in Cowboys of Faith

Cowgirls and Cowboys, I’m about to say something that might seem a little out of character:  Clothing isn’t always a fashion statement.  Yes, this is actually Chihuahua speaking.  Now, I’m not going to give you a boring lecture on “quality stitching” or something — I’ll leave that to Chicken.  As much as I hate to admit it, though, Chicken does have a point:  There’s more to some brands than their appearance.

Cowboys of Faith is a brand we carry here at Urban Western Wear.  The company doesn’t claim to make clothing with a cutting-edge style (although the shirts, jackets, and hats look great!).  And they don’t claim to be the highest quality on the market (but their shirts are 100% cotton and made in the United States).  Instead, the most important thing about Cowboys of Faith is their message, which they state on their Facebook page: “We believe in treating our family and friends right.  We believe in honesty and hard work.  And most importantly we believe in the American Western lifestyle that honors FAITH and leads us to green pastures.”

Basically, when you put on a Cowboys of Faith t-shirt, you’re telling everyone that you believe in helping your neighbor, in being kind, and in a higher spirit.  You represent the qualities behind the American Cowboy–an iconic figure of our culture.

Cowboys of Faith makes shirts, jackets, and hats for men, women, and children.  Here are a few of my favorites:

In the men’s and women’s t-shirts category, I like the two designs below.  They both get across the message of faith and the American West.  These t-shirts are comfortable, 100% cotton, and have a ribbed knit collar.

Style Number: 16-076-0301-0210BL
Style Number: 16-039-0301-0626BR

The kids’ shirts are also 100% cotton and have a ribbed crew neck.  And the graphic design on this girl’s shirt is 100% Chihuahua-approved.

Style Number: 03-009-0301-0103PI

Also, in the Cowboys of Faith collection:  wool blend vests with a zipper and snap front, plus  faux leather accents.  This kid models my favorite from the collection.

Style Number: 16-094-0545-0300BR

And don’t forget:  Cowboys of Faith makes caps, too.  Several styles are available for both men and women and they all have a flex cap for best fit.


Style Number: 16-077-0301-0101BL

For Cowboys (and Cowgirls!) of Faith who love to accessorize, try a belt, buckle, or even a pendant.

Style Number: 7801500
Style Number: NC1151

You don’t have to be a cowboy to identify with Cowboys of Faith:  You can live anywhere in the country and have any job.  Wearing this brand is a statement about what you believe in, even if you’ve never ridden or horse or been on a ranch.  So if you believe in kindness and spirituality–pick up a t-shirt from Urban Western Wear.  We’re the only retailers of Cowboys of Faith!

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