Fire Up Your Wardrobe with Bulwark Clothing

Bulwark Clothing is the world’s largest manufacturer of flame-resistant apparel.  What does that tell you?  These shirts don’t mess around–they’re meant for serious business and hard work.  That means Chihuahua shouldn’t wear Bulwark’s hardy garments to the mall.

So what makes Bulwark Clothing so special?  Not only do they claim to be flame-resistant — they back up their claim by making their shirts tough enough to meet standards set by ASTM International, the National Fire Protection Association, and various safety standards for electrical workers.

Basically, if you’re a cowboy out on the oil rig–for work, or for fun like me–then you’ll need a Bulwark shirt or two.  Luckily, Urban Western Wear has you covered.

For everyday combustible activities, I recommend a plain Bulwark dress uniform shirt.  Not only is it flame-resistant, but it has a gusset-side seam for ease of movement (important when doing risky electrical work!), a banded top-stitch collar and cuffs, and a placket front with button closure.

Style #SMU2LB
Style #SMU2LB

If you prefer your flame resistant gear to be a little fancier, I recommend Bulwark’s red dress shirt.  This shirt has a full side seam gusset, a tailored sleeve placket, and it’s manufactured with a cotton-nylon blend for added comfort.  It’s the perfect thing to wear if you’re going to dinner straight from the work.

Style #SLG8RN
Style #SLG8RN

Of course, you don’t have to work (or play) with fire to need this level of protection.  Bulwark shirts are also popular with people who perform electrical work.  If you’re working with electricity, I highly recommend a pair work boots with a rubber sole for added safety.

Most importantly, remember to be safe when working in a hazardous environment!


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