Chihuahua Needs a New Haul of Tin Haul

Tin Haul LogoBeing a roughriding Chihuahua sometimes means making difficult fashion decisions— I love my classic country clothing, but any stylish dog knows that you need a closet full of modern Western wear for those days when you’re not roping chickens.

Tin Haul Boot Collage

You can always wear your trusted Stetsons to the club, but sometimes I want to stand out in something bright and colorful.  Because we all know that standing out is what I do best.

Luckily, carries Tin Haul boots.  (Don’t worry—they have the jeans and awesome shirts too!).  These boots have the same great quality as a classic-made cowboy boot—leather insoles, leather stacked heels, hand-lasted and hand-pegged construction, and cowhide lining.  All the stuff that Chicken might care about.  But Tin Haul boots also have a really fun feature that they call an “Obvious sole.”  Each boot has an eye-grabbing piece of art on its sole, which is covered with a patented clear rubber so it doesn’t wear down like a leather sole.  It also keeps you from slipping on the dance floor.  Just what I need.

Of course, once I started shopping for this outstanding Western footwear, it was hard to decide which pair to get.  I mean, I can see me wearing these all the time with a nice vintage Western shirt,

Tin Haul Oiled Brown Bolt Stitch Vamp Bolt With Betty
Style # 14-020-0007-0029

but these shark boots would add a little ferocity to a Roper leather vest.

Tin Haul Tan Boots Narly Shark and Obvious Sole
Style # 14-020-0007-0002TA

And these…these gambler aces boots are perfect for my upcoming Vegas vacation, maybe paired with a giant, glistening belt buckle.

Tin Haul Black Gambler Boot
Style # 14-20-007-0011

Or so I thought until I saw these boots with giant dollar signs!  Can I bring two pairs to Vegas!?

Tin Haul Brown Vamp and Green Shaft Cash Money With Benjamins
Style # 14-20-007-0024

Grrrr!  Do you see the situation I’m in!?
And ladies, don’t feel left out!  Tin Haul has you covered, too.  Actually, I wish they made this checkerboard style for men.  Tin Haul, do you hear me!?

Tin Haul Black and Multi Color Checkerboard
Style # 14-21-007-0121
Can you imagine two-stepping with everyone looking at your hippie chick boots?  Better be a good dancer.  Show them off with a nice Western skirt.

Tin Haul Tye Dye with Silver Peace Out for Hippie Chick
Style # 14-21-007-0126

And even though I’m not a fan of big cats (harder to rope than cattle), I still think these leopard print cowgirl boots would look great peeking out from under a pair of Cruel Girl jeans.

Tin Haul Brown Leopard Print Vamp And Shaft Hello Kitty
Style # 14-21-007-0127

Well, I just can’t decide which pair to get.  Maybe will cut me a deal for being a good spokes-dog and give me all of them.  I could wear one pair on my front paws and one pair on my back paws so they would get plenty of publicity!

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