Chihuahua Looks Good and Feels Safe in Cinch FR Clothing

Chicken isn’t the only spokes-animal who can rep Urban Western Wear’s fire-retardant clothing.  It just so happens that I know a thing or two about  flame-repelling fashion, too!  For instance, the next time I go to an open-pit bbq, a fireworks celebration, or even a candlelight dinner, I’ll definitely throw on a set of Cinch’s FR work clothes.  Because, like Chicken alawys says, you can never be too careful.

I hear that Cinch’s line of fire-resistant clothing is also great for electricians, oil field workers, and anyone else who might encounter flash fires in their workplace.  And with good reason:  The Cinch FR collection of shirts and jeans passes the standard regulations for fire-resistant clothing.  They meet the NFPA 2112 standard, and they’re HRC-2 rated to boot.

Cinch Jeans:  Popular Styles with Extra Protection

But the best thing about this clothing?  It looks great.  In fact, Cinch took their two most popular jeans–the Green Label and the White Label–and tweaked them a bit to make them fire-resistant.  That means fashion-conscious oil workers can meet all of their company’s safety guidelines, and look good doing it.   And dogs like me can be extra protected — and extra stylish — while roasting marshmallows!

In addition to passing NFPA 2112 and HRC-2 standards, Cinch’s super-safe Green Label jeans are cut to be great work attire.  They have a fitted waist and hip with a relaxed leg.  The 18.25″ leg opening will accommodate most work boots:

Style #MP78930001
Style #MP78930001

The Cinch White Label jeans have the same fire-resistant qualities as the Green Labels, but have a more relaxed cut through the waist and hips.

Stylish Safety:  Cinch FR Shirts

To protect the top half of your body, Cinch rolled out a line of classy button-down shirts that meet the NFPA 2112 and HRC-2 standards.  The Cinch FR shirts are made with a 100% cotton twill weave and are accented with white pearl logo buttons.

This long-sleeved, collared shirt comes in six different colors and designs:  royal blue and white-striped; white-checkered; multi-colored stripes; multi-colored checks; turquoise; and black-checkered.

Style #MLW3001008
White-checkered design. Style #MLW3001008


Royal-striped design. Style #MLW3001001
Royal-striped design. Style #MLW3001001









Feel free to leave work and go straight to happy hour or the rodeo–this clothing looks good everywhere!  There’s really no difference between Cinch fire-resistant clothing and regular clothing.  Well, at least on the surface.   Now I can visit dangerous workplace locations without scorching my pretty fur!

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