Chihuahua Falls in Love with Grace in LA

Yesterday I fell in love with a cowgirl.  Well, I guess I actually fell in love with her jeans–but they’re my #1 turn-on (after boots) and I can’t help it.  And Grace in LA Jeans?  A woman in a pair of those is almost irresistible.

Grace in LA logo

Let me tell you a little bit about my love affair with Grace:  These jeans are made out of 97% cotton and 3% spandex.  That means they hold their shape, but stretch just enough to hug a woman’s curves.  Grace in LA Jeans makes sure that their denim has a flattering fit.

The fit alone is enough to drive me crazy, but here’s what I really love about Grace in LA Jeans:  They take style very seriously.  Each pair of jeans has unique detailing like rhinestones on the pockets, embroidered designs, and even decorative stitching on the belt loops.

Note the details on both the pockets and the belt loop! Style Number K6492B

The details go all the way down to the stitching.  Grace in LA Jeans uses thick thread, metallic thread, or colored thread to make each pair of jeans special.  The jeans also come in all the latest washes, and some have whiskered detailing.

Note the special stitching on the waist band! Style Number K6493B

These aren’t your everyday ranch work or horseback riding jeans–although you could probably use them for those activities too.  If I were a lady Chihuahua, however, I would wear these jeans out dancing with some killer Tin Haul boots and a cute sleeveless shirt, or out shopping…or really any time that I left the house because I want to look good for all the paparazzi who want to pet me.

The best part of these jeans?  The price point.  It’s absolutely terrific considering the price of designer jeans these days.  But a smart cowgirl never pays too much for her denim.  These jeans cost between $40 and $70 a pair.

Rhinestone detailing on the pockets of Grace in LA capris. Style Number: K8296C

Grace in LA Jeans come in regular and plus sizes.  They also have a girls’ line.  Check them out at Urban Western Wear!

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