Chicken and Chihuahua Present Winter Clothing

Chihuahua:  Fashion always begins a season ahead.  Once fall is here, it’s time to start planning your winter wardrobe purchases!

Chicken:  Chihuahua would be right… if you bought clothes according to trend instead of for quality.  The best brands don’t require much planning − just buy quality clothes that keep you warm when it starts getting cold outside.

Chihuahua:  Chicken’s snide remarks aside, winter really does throw a fashion curveball.  When the temperatures drop, it’s hard to figure out how to look your best.  Your favorite dress shirts might be a little too thin to keep you warm in on a cold night – but that bulky winter coat will seriously cramp your style on the dance floor.

What’s a fashion-loving dog to do?

That’s where layers come in, people.  Here’s a great shirt for going out in the colder months.  Tin Haul perfects urban cowboy style with the four-snap cuff and single-point curved back yoke back of this shirt.

 Tin Haul Red Buckeye Shirt
Red Buckeye Check Tin Haul

And so you don’t freeze on the way to the dancehall, throw on this tan leather hooded jacket from Stetson.  It has a soft cotton lining, side front pockets, and a drawstring hood.

 Stetson Tan Leather Hooded Jacket
Tan Leather Hooded Jacket from Stetson

Chicken:  I’m actually pretty impressed that Chihuahua mentioned the Stetson leather jacket, because it’s also great for ranch work.  The hood is useful in case it starts to rain and you aren’t wearing a hat.  Not that I advocate going without a hat.

For a winter work shirt, try a long-sleeved shirt from Cinch.  They’re made with extra room at the elbows so that you’ll have a full range of motion while you’re working.  And because ranch work can get dirty, I’d suggest choosing a dark fabric, like this one:

Cinch Black Cotton Pinpoint

Chihuahua:  Cinch makes great clothes, and it’s hard to go wrong with black – it’s always in style.  But if you’re going to be hitting the dance floor instead of the barn this winter, you should pick a black shirt that’s dressed up with embroidered details and satin trim − like this shirt from Roper.

 Roper Long Sleeve Western Style Shirt
Roper Long-sleeved Western style shirt

Don’t forget, you’ll also need some new cowboy boots, too.  True, the boots you wore in the summer won’t be constructed much differently than the ones you wear in the winter, but that won’t stop Urban Western Wear from stocking tempting new styles.  And of course, you need boots that match your new winter shirts.

Tin Haul Flaming Eye
Tin Haul Flaming Eye

Cinch Edge Race Ready Boots
Cinch Edge Race Ready Boots

The Tin Haul boots on the left will look great with the Tin Haul red-checkered shirt at the beginning of this post.  And the Cinch Edge boots on the right will complement the black Roper shirt.  Both boot brands have a protective layer over their decorative soles so that you can dance without ever wearing them out.

Chicken:  I’ve got to agree with the quality levels of the Tin Haul and Cinch Edge boots, but they’re a little out of place on the ranch.  Instead, you’ll want some waterproof work boots with a steel toe to keep your feet dry and protected.  I like these Tony Lama boots.

 Tony Lama Tan Cheyenne Work Boots
Tony Lama Tan Cheyenne

Whether you’re spending the winter working hard, or on the dance floor like Chihuahua, Urban Western Wear has a lot of options and great styles.

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