Not All Jeans Fit the Same: How to choose the best pair of jeans for your body type


When choosing the perfect pair of jeans, we at Urban Western Wear recommend that you think more than your waist size and inseam. There are many different styles that you might consider to make sure your jeans are both comfortable and look great!

Waist Styles
When buying jeans, you’ll need to know your waist size, but beyond that, consider what kind of waist style, or ‘rise’, will be most comfortable and flattering to your figure.

The rise refers to where the waistband of your jeans fits on your torso, and is the measurement from the middle of the seam that goes between your legs to the top of the waistband. Low rise jeans generally fit best when worn at the hip, and some people call these ‘hip huggers’. Medium rise jeans, also referred to as mid-rise or natural rise, fit at your natural waist. High rise jeans are worn higher on the waist, above the belly button.

A medium or ‘natural’ rise is the most flattering style for most body types. For natural rise jeans, the waistband should sit an inch or two below the belly button. A higher waistband is referred to as high rise, and these are great for tall men and women, and for people who wish to avoid unsightly ‘muffin tops’. However, in some cases they can make you look frumpy and old fashioned, particularly if you have a shorter torso. Finally, low rise jeans work well for people with lean figures and slim hips.

Leg styles
There are two different pants leg styles you will commonly find in jeans: straight leg and bootcut. Straight leg jeans have the same leg width from the knee to ankle, while bootcut have a flare midway between the knee and ankle. As the name suggests, bootcut jeans are great if you’ll be wearing cowboy boots under your jeans, as the slight flare allows a little more room for the top of the boot. They can also help accentuate a woman’s natural curves.

Some brands may also feature skinny jeans, with legs that are cut much narrower than straight cut, often from the thigh all the way down to the ankle. These styles are made to fit close to the skin and look best on slimmer individuals.

Jeans cuts

With many brands of jeans you can choose between a classic (also known as ‘average’) fit, a relaxed fit or a slim fit. Relaxed fit styles are a more generous cut, and have extra room in the thigh area and seat, while slim fit are made to fit snugly. Classic jeans follow your body’s curves more than relaxed styles, but are not too tight. When choosing these cuts, it’s worth considering how your jeans will look and how comfortable they will be to wear. For working and active wear, the classic or relaxed fit will be more appropriate, while slim fit will be perfect for going out for a night on the town.


At Urban Western Wear, we carry several different brands of jeans. One brand we really like is the Cinch brand, which offers modern styling with a western edge. Cinch Carpenter jeans offer a low rise and relaxed fit, while the Fastback gives you a relaxed straight-leg style with a hot distressed denim look. And keep an eye out for the Grant and Ian styles of Cinch jeans, which we know will be a big hit. We also offer jeans from T. K. Axel, a company that has been around since 1865 and brings a vintage look to their products. The durable yet cutting-edge styles of Ariat jeans are also worth a look, particularly the Deadrun slim straight-leg jeans from Ariat.

Western Wear for the Big and Tall Cowboy

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