Choosing your family photo outfits.

Spring is here! It’s that time of the year when we’re all over the colder weather and the spring forward time change, while it makes us sleepy for about a week, gifts us with plenty of daylight to enjoy some outside time after work and school. This is also the time when flowers start blooming and grass gets greener. If you’re lucky enough to live in Texas then you know this means blue bonnets galore.

With multicolor blooms all over to serve as a background, spring time is a perfect opportunity to take family photos and today’s blog post will help you with two ways on how to pick out your whole family ensemble.

Matchy Matchy

Identical mother daughter and father son outfits may be a little 90s, but they’re also adorable, so we suggest you just go for it. Cinch and Roper are two brands that offer matching shirts for adults and kids.

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Color scheme

Another way to outfit your family for photos is to choose a color scheme and work around it. Not everyone has to wear the same color. The point is for everyone to match as a whole.

For example, in the photos below the boy’s solid shirt brings out the red in the men’s shirt. The men’s shirt colors match the woman’s skirt, and the little girl’s dress soften’s everyone’s look by adding a solid piece in a lighter color.

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For another example below, the man shirt and little girl’s dress match the little boy’s main color, and the woman’s dress brings out the small colored details of the man’s shirt.

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Regardless of what you pick for your family, the most important factor is to stay true to who you are as a family. Don’t dress up super formal if you’re more laid back people. Don’t force smiles or poses that don’t reflect you. These photos should reflect who you are. After all their main objective is to create memories, and those memories should be true.

Garth Brooks Sevens by Cinch

Garth Brooks and Cinch are teaming up! Actually, they already have.

Last week, during the WESA Market in Denver, buyers had the first chance to get a sneak peek at Cinch’s new line “Garth Brooks Sevens by Cinch” debuting in stores this fall.

Cinch has gained it’s good reputation based on their high quality shirts and great fitting denim that offers a wide range of fits and washes, which guarantees everyone can find something they like at affordable prices.

Garth Brook’s line will be up to part with all of Cinch’s quality clothing, but it will bear the country singer’s signature style, for which he has been known for decades.

As described by Cinch, “Designs come from Brooks’ stage-inspired styling and combine his high-energy on-stage presence with CINCH’s commitment to authentic western apparel. High-quality fabrics, ideal fit and unique western taste will be seen in all “Garth Brooks Sevens by CINCH” clothing. The shirts and jeans in the line are geared towards the core western lifestyle audience and all those who love the cowboy way. “

Cinch is not new to endorsements or partnerships. They endorse champs like Cody Ohl and Fred Whitfield, as well as other musicians like Curtis Grimes. And they have partnered with many organizations like All American Quarter Horse Congress and Colorado FFA Foundation.

But this, however, is Garth Brooks’ very first partnership of this nature. After so many years in the music industry, it makes sense for him to have chosen a name as well known as Cinch take on this endeavor.

The Garth Brook’s line “Garth Brooks Sevens by Cinch” will be sold at, and it is scheduled to arrive in September 2016. We recommend you sign up for our e-mail list to be one of the first to get your hands on these pieces that will likely be a hit.

His and Her Handcrafted Cinch Boots for Fit, Fashion & Flair

Everyone knows the old saying, “Beauty is only skin deep,” but when it comes to cowboy boots, skin deep is a good thing.  A real good thing.  Take Cinch boots, for instance.  Cinch boot vamps and counter cuts are made of only the finest “top grain” leather from the outer section of hide — the skin.
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Chihuahua Looks Good and Feels Safe in Cinch FR Clothing

Chicken isn’t the only spokes-animal who can rep Urban Western Wear’s fire-retardant clothing.  It just so happens that I know a thing or two about  flame-repelling fashion, too!  For instance, the next time I go to an open-pit bbq, a fireworks celebration, or even a candlelight dinner, I’ll definitely throw on a set of Cinch’s FR work clothes.  Because, like Chicken alawys says, you can never be too careful.
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Stepping Out in Cinch Edge Boots

If there’s one thing that Chicken and I can agree on, it’s that Cinch makes a darn good product.  Chicken loves their durable jeans (and the way they make those skinny legs look a little less….chicken-y), but I’m partial to their new Cinch Edge boots.  Why?  Because these boots take the classic quality of the Cinch brand and mix them with a modern, graphical style.  And because I look good in them.
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Stylish in Cinch

Ya’ll know how I feel about Stetson − I love this brand for their long history of quality and style.  But every Chicken needs to branch out from the comfortable coop once in a while.  So when I feel like shaking my feathers a little more than usual, I step out in Cinch Jeans.  Maybe one of their shirts too if I’m feeling really frisky. Continue reading Stylish in Cinch

Chihuahua’s School of Jeans

Ok guys, I need to get something off my collar. You’re doing something that’s driving me crazy—something that needs immediate attention.

Here goes: You’re…wearing the wrong pair of jeans. There, I said it.
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