A Tour of Tin Haul

Cowgirls and Cowboys, I have some exciting news.  Because I’m such a famous spokesdog, Tin Haul invited me to tour their factory! I got to see a whole bunch of exciting urban Western wear coming out for the holidays.
 And best of all, Chicken wasn’t invited!

But anyway, back to the tour:  I arrived at the factory and…I met elves!  Yes, the Tin Haul factory is the third-highest employer of elfin folk, after Santa’s Workshop and Keebler. Each factory worker was running around carrying tiny tools and wearing a Tin Haul cap with their pointed ears sticking out at the sides.  (By the way, Chicken is scared of elves!)

Style Number: 10-077-0501-0202GR

The elves led me like some kind of cowboy king of the elves to our first stop on the tour: the cowgirl Western wear department.  Here the elves were working on some floral long-sleeved button down shirts.  These wild shirts have pearl snaps, cuffs, and covered stitching on the yoke and hem.  The designs remind me of a Western elf garden.

I know these are for cowgirls, but do you think I could pull off one of these, given the right occasion?

Style Number: 10-050-0064-0240PU
Style Number: 10-050-0064-0510MU

After I finished oohing, aahing, and contemplating cross-dressing, the elves led me to the next stop:  the shoe factory.  And it was here that I made a great new discovery:  the elves at Tin Haul are making a line of casual shoes inspired by surfing and skateboarding!

Like the famous Tin Haul boots, these canvas shoes have a graphic design on the bottom that’s protected by a clear sole.  They’re available in either lace-up or slip-on styles.

Style Number: 14-020-0210-0047GY
Style Number: 14-020-0210-0047GY

Technically, the Tin Haul elves are only making men’s canvas shoes, but they go down to a size 5 so that women can enjoy them, too.

Finally, it was time for our last stop on the tour — and the moment I had been waiting for:  a glimpse into the making of the boots.  As you know from my previous fanatical ravings, I’m a big fan of Tin Haul boots.  The graphic design on the sole of the boot is covered in a patented clear rubber that never wears down.

Urban Western Wear will be carrying a bunch of Tin Haul’s new boot designs.  Here are a few of my favorites.

I can see myself wearing these to a rock or country concert.

Tin Haul Star Stitch boots

And this pair has a comic-book style graphic.  I like comic books, especially the ones where the dog saves the day!

Style Number: 14-020-0007-0053BR

I’ve always wondered how Tin Haul creates such interesting designs complete with a sole that never wears down.  Here’s the answer:  Elf Magic.  But that’s hard to patent, so they call it “clear polypropylene.”

Here’s to hoping that the Tin Haul elves talk to Santa’s elves and get me some boots this Christmas!

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