A Guide to Western Winter Wear

Picture this:  You get dressed up to go two-stepping in your best Tin Haul jeans and Stetson boots.  You iron and press a pearl snap shirt.  You shine your best belt buckle.  Then you cover it all with an ugly parka from three years ago and step out the door.

People, winter isn’t an excuse to slack on style.  Winter is an opportunity to buy yourself some great-looking western outerwear.  In fact, I have a built-in fur coat and I’m still going to buy some new winter gear just for fun!

And lucky for you, Urban Western Wear has lots of outerwear options.  For example, if you’re a Texas cowboy and don’t have a lot of harsh winter weather, you might want to go with a vest.  Try a tech vest from Cinch for a casual cowboy look, or a leather vest from Roper for something a little snazzier.  Either one will look good, and they’re great for short dogs like me who have trouble finding jacket sleeves that fit.

Cinch Vest
Cinch black vest

If you’re a Nebraska cowboy with colder weather, try a classic denim jacket.  Every cowboy needs at least one of these in his closet.  I love this Stetson denim jacket with a good cowboy hat.  And ladies, I think you look great in denim jackets, too!

Denim Jacket from Stetson
Stetson blue denim jacket with leather patch

Not sure how to pull off double denim?  It’s easy, as long as you know the ground rules:  Both cowboys and cowgirls need to make sure that their denim jackets don’t clash with their jeans!  Wear either matching denim or choose denim or jeans and a jacket that are completely different colors.  And make sure you pair them with a nice pair of boots to complete the look.

Now, if you’re a fancy and important dog like me, you might go places where a denim jacket or a vest isn’t quite dressy enough.  But don’t worry, you can cover your hide in a leather blazer; Stetson makes a high-quality lamb leather jacket that you can wear almost anywhere.

Brown Lamb Leather Jacket
Stetson brown lamb leather jacket

But what should you wear if you’re a Montana cowboy, suffering through a frigid winter from October until May?  Cattle-roping doesn’t stop just because it’s cold outside!  Urban cowboys like me do more lounging by the fire than rough riding, but if I were you I would reach for a quilted jacket, like this western coat from Roper.

Quilted Nylon Jacket
Roper quilted nylon jacket

So remember, outerwear is an important piece of western apparel to add to your wardrobe, no matter where you live.  Whether you’re working on a ranch or cutting down a Christmas tree, make sure to buy a jacket or two now so you’re never out of style.

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