Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Designer Western Jeans

designer western jeansMany people dread going shopping for jeans, especially given how styles and fits can vary so much. Men may be able to gauge their size by their waist and inseam measurements, but they often have to take different styles into account, like a relaxed fit or a skinny jean. For women, the process can be a bit trickier, as size charts can vary across brands and differences in style, rise, and fit can all contribute to difficulties when shopping.

Buying designer western jeans to get that perfect cowboy or cowgirl look is no different, but there are certain advantages to purchasing quality denim. Western wear is its own unique look derived from the clothing worn in the 19th century American West, and today it is found all over the world in cowboy hats, western style boots, and other western fashion accessories. And yes, this type of clothing also includes plenty of jeans.

Before you consider the purchase of designer western jeans, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. Don’t forget to answer these three inquiries as you figure out which jeans are right for you:

  • Why do you need to buy a pair of jeans? How and when you plan to wear a pair of jeans matters, especially if you’re shelling out for designer duds. If you’re planning to wear them for ranch work, a rodeo, or any other kind of physical activity, keep the quality of the jeans in mind. Many pairs of cowboy jeans fit close to the thigh so they don’t chafe while horseback riding, so if you need them for a similar purpose, make sure they’re the right cut.
  • Will you want to wear these jeans a few months or years from now? Fashion these days can be somewhat disposable, and most people have no qualms about giving up on a pair of jeans or another garment within a few months. But if a good pair of Ariat or Cinch jeans will an investment for you, then you’ll want to think carefully about your purchase. Will these jeans still be stylish a year from now? Are they something you can wear if your lifestyle changes or as the weather warms up or cools down?
  • What else will you wear with your jeans? Thinking about potential outfits is important when buying any piece of clothing. Although jeans are fairly versatile and can go with almost anything, you’ll still need to consider how they’ll work with certain garments. Can you only wear them with t-shirts or tank tops? Or can you pair them with dressy tops for work or going out? Take shoes into consideration, as well. If you have several pairs of cowboy boots, you’ll want bootcut jeans that will fit over your shoes or jeans that are narrow enough to be tucked into the boots.

Do you need more help narrowing down your choices for a great new pair of designer western jeans? Ask us for suggestions in the comments.