Style: L5089, Product: #21574

$509.95 Flank Cut Caiman With Distressed Brown Men’s Stetson Boot
rustic Tan Caiman Vamp* Pinon Brown Shaft * Double Welt* All Leather Sole*Lemonwood Peg And Brass Nail Construction*Roper Heel With Spur Ridge*All Leather Lining* Lightly Cushioned Comfort Insole* 10-Row Stitch* Slotted & Stitched Pulls
Style: 12-020-8801-3306BR, Product: #5861

$14.99 Cowgirl Up Rustic Rose Cosmetic Bag
Cowgirl Up rustic Rose Cosmetic Bag, Size: 7" X 2" X 4 1/2"
Style: 1105315C, Product: #7328

$23.95 Brenda Burnished Brown Women’s Ariat Belt
Brenda Burnished Brown Women’s Ariat Belt **width 1.5" **buckle: removable **burnished edge **Understated, rustic elegance. Antiqued, removable brass-finished buckle pairs with burnished edge leather belt.
Style: 10008603, Product: #10568

$339.96 Neon Star

Feminism symbolizes empowerment! Get over the feeling that the two words don’t go together: women and power. The fact is, if we don’t put the two together and don’t understand how power changes complexion in the hands of women, we are not going to make it. You have to own your personal power. Don’t let anyone rob you of your imagination, creativity and curiosity. A woman can be simultaneously exquisitely feminine and invigorating and also ready to kick ass if provoked. Intertwine your wild adventurous soul to the hopeless dreamer within the risqué demeanor, with this show stopping Tin Haul “Neon Star” pair!


Make a unique style statement with these exquisitely handcrafted genuine leather boots, rendering a revved up look to the pure country fashionistas. This custom-made pair incorporates a distressed Hammer emblem embroidered on the 10” black leather shaft, which is battered with cloudy rubs to lend it a stormy feel, and feature a black boot pulls and the signature Tin Haul anvil in contrast embroidery accents to portray the wilder side of the audacious cowgirls. The vamp is black with rainbow stitches star patterns embroidery, standing out over the wide square toes with double stitched welt and walking roper heels. Get in touch with your femininity without being the damsel in distress!


In contrast with the rustic upper, the icing on the cake is the ultimate jaw-dropping obvious outsoles, exuding a mystic purple fog and twilight austere to the facade. Dominating the mystic backdrop is a white unicorn and a Tin Haul anvil. The painstakingly crafted outsoles are protected by a laminated hard plastic coating to prevent wear and tear. Growing up doesn’t mean you stopped believing, did you?


Cushioned insole, leather heel and all leather lining ensures your gait never falters. Walk straight, proud and with panache in these one-of-a kind shoes. We know you want to!

Style: 14-021-0007-1208BL, Product: #15040

$349.95 Rustic Laser And Buckstitch Outlaw Buck
rustic Brown Shaft and Vamp With Laser And Buckstitch * Outlaw Toe * Single Welt * All Leather Sole * Lemonwood And Brass Nail Construction * Stacked Heel * All Leather Lining * Lightly Cushioned Insole * 13" Shaft *
Style: 12-020-6104-0356BR, Product: #15505

$339.96 Tin Haul Boots Ink’d Tattoo Sole

“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play if safer’, the creatures of the common, the slaves of the ordinary.”


What makes a daring woman? Vision, commitment, style and a total lack of fear! No need to surreptitiously covet the cowboy panache ladies. Bring out the raving cowgirl in you with a flaming pair of Tin Haul boots. Flamboyant, outrageous and right on edge, harness your girl power and be ready to kick some ass.


Make a unique style statement with these exquisitely handcrafted genuine leather boots, rendering a revved up look to the pure country fashionista. This custom-made pair incorporates a distressed wingtip emblem embroidered on the 11” distressed red leather shaft and feature a brown boot pulls up and the signature Tin Haul anvil in contrast embroidery accents. The vamp is brown and inset with a gorgeous white dove, which stands out aesthetically against the backdrop. Get in touch with your femininity without being the damsel in distress!


This Tin Haul is all handmade pure leather construction, including the leather lining, leather heels, leather shaft, and a double-stitched welt, but what truly mesmerizes the eye is the striking outsole inlays, a trademark of Tin Haul. The outsole features a rustic “Tin Haul” banner wrapped around a dagger and contradicting it completely is the other sole incorporating a delicate rose and a hovering butterfly. The soles join together to reveal a vibrant bird on the heels. These painstakingly crafted obvious soles are covered in hard plastic coating that protects them from wearing out and keeps the shoes from slipping. The coating gives them a tad extra grip to get out of slippery situations.


These run-way drool worthy fancies incorporate all your favorite things about the true western boots: square toes, pull ups, walking heels and cushioned insoles. The supple leather lining is ideal for the women of today, who are out and about and not easy to reign in! Start digging through the flashy assortment before they run out!

Style: 14-021-0007-1265TA, Product: #16644

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