$22.95 Maxvent

Get any type of manual labor done with ease and comfort when you invest in these durable and stylish work gloves. Whether you’re loading hay bales, working with your animals, or making repairs around your shop or barn, your hands will be comfortably protected the entire time, giving you confidence to tackle whatever job comes your way.

* *

Neoprene knuckles, ventilation between fingers, and seams that are cut to fit and aren’t bulky means you’ll barely feel the gloves on your hands throughout the day. The elastic cuff ensures a perfect fit, so you can rest assured you won’t lose your gloves in the middle of a tough job. Breathable and lightweight fabric ensures you won’t have to work with sweaty hands. Expect no chafing and no blisters, which can impede future work success. Save your precious time and money with a simple investment.

* *

Made of full grain goatskin and double stitched, your new favorite pair of work gloves will last long no matter what you put them through. Neoprene knuckles are an added bonus, so if you bang your hand doing the toughest of jobs, you will likely prevent injury with this smart purchase. Another benefit to the flexible fabric is that it gives you the best grip, and you’re ensured high performance that includes dexterity for precision jobs.

* *

In classic black and tan, you can even expect a professional look. This is a bonus should you want to provide the gloves for not only yourself, but all your hired hands. Don’t hesitate to invest in this affordable pair of gloves that meets all your rigorous standards. Slip them on with confidence, and tackle that honest work in comfort and safety. Once you break them in, you’ll notice that they were just as spectacular as the first day you wore them.

Style: 51011, Product: #16679

$339.95 Tin Haul Boots Hope

Tin Haul is synonymous with a laidback style with just a hint of edginess. The men’s cowboy boots, that you have always surreptitiously envied, have been adapted for ladies. Glean the mesmerizing powers of hope with these Tin Haul Fancies. hope is the stuff that dreams are made of and only Tin Haul can take the iconic concept and turn it in to one of a kind pair. Incorporating vivacious colors, brilliant graphics and a genius story theme, revamp your style and attitude with this show stopping duo.


Tin Haul hope boots are handmade and diligently crafted pure leather constructions. This custom made pair incorporates “hope” embroidered on the 13” distressed leather shaft and feature a brown boot pulls and contrast hot pink embroidery. The vamp is brown and seared with supple tattooesque markings. What’s mesmerizing is the fact that Tin Haul takes premium leather and treats it to add wrinkling, scuffs and distressed marks that render a risqué overlay to design.


This contemporary take on cowboy boots incorporate all the traditional features of wide square toe, double stitch welt and easy walking heels but with an urban stroke. The leather lining and cushioned insole incorporate comfort with style so that you flaunt your vogue without relentlessly wreaking havoc on your feet.


Every fashionista will drool over this revved up pair when they behold the novelty outsole which is the trademark of Tin Haul. The glorious outsole inlay, that reads “hope for the fighters, peace for the survivors”, is gorgeously done in white over a hot pink backdrop. The laminated “obvious sole” is protected with hard plastic for a better grip and protection.


What better way than to wear your metal and spread a message of hope every time you put your feet up on the stool.

Style: 14-021-0007-1222BR, Product: #16213

$339.95 Butcher Shop Boots With What’s Your Beef Man On Sole
This boot is all beef, there’s no bull about it. Warning: Tin Haul takes full responsibility for any increased female attention. Please don’t mess it up.* Handcrafted genuine all leather boot with 11" shaft and double stitch welt* Features a Roper heel and cushioned insoles and a clear rubber sole for comfort and durability* Boot shaft is a dark brown color and showcases the Tin Haul logo and name on the front* The Vamp of the boot is a lighter shade of brown and is detailed with a barbed wire design in a hue that matches the boot shaft* The Tin Haul Obvious Sole of this boot is like no other and features a cow highlighting the different cuts of beef available.* Sole of the boot also asks the question "What’s Your Beef Man?" and features the Tin Haul seal of approval for best quality and the Tin Haul disclaimer *Runs 1/2 Size Smaller Than Other Brands *
Style: 14-020-0007-0081BR, Product: #12212

$324.95 Anchor Tin Haul Boot With We Have This Hope As An Anchor Sole
Want a more traditional cowboy boot with just a little bit of Tin Haul flair?* Then the Tin Haul Anchor boot is the one for you* This boot is handcrafted in genuine leather from heel to toe* Features an 11" shaft with roper heel and double stitch welt* Sole of boot is made with cushioned insole and patent clear rubber for long lasting comfort and strength* The shaft of boot is a distressed brown and is embroidered in intricate detail with the Tin Haul logo* The vamp of the is a distressed brown/gray color and and showcases an anchor patch sewn onto the toe of the boot* The Obvious Sole of this boot showcases the biblical verse Hebrews 6:19 and says "We Have This hope As An Anchor" along with the word Soul across the heel*
Style: 14-020-0007-0092BR, Product: #12944

$64.99 Special Faux Leather
Cowboy Shopping Network Special
Style: 09-018-0002-1002BR, Product: #12987

$309.95 Neon Star

Feminism symbolizes empowerment! Get over the feeling that the two words don’t go together: women and power. The fact is, if we don’t put the two together and don’t understand how power changes complexion in the hands of women, we are not going to make it. You have to own your personal power. Don’t let anyone rob you of your imagination, creativity and curiosity. A woman can be simultaneously exquisitely feminine and invigorating and also ready to kick ass if provoked. Intertwine your wild adventurous soul to the hopeless dreamer within the risqué demeanor, with this show stopping Tin Haul “Neon Star” pair!


Make a unique style statement with these exquisitely handcrafted genuine leather boots, rendering a revved up look to the pure country fashionistas. This custom-made pair incorporates a distressed Hammer emblem embroidered on the 10” black leather shaft, which is battered with cloudy rubs to lend it a stormy feel, and feature a black boot pulls and the signature Tin Haul anvil in contrast embroidery accents to portray the wilder side of the audacious cowgirls. The vamp is black with rainbow stitches star patterns embroidery, standing out over the wide square toes with double stitched welt and walking roper heels. Get in touch with your femininity without being the damsel in distress!


In contrast with the rustic upper, the icing on the cake is the ultimate jaw-dropping obvious outsoles, exuding a mystic purple fog and twilight austere to the facade. Dominating the mystic backdrop is a white unicorn and a Tin Haul anvil. The painstakingly crafted outsoles are protected by a laminated hard plastic coating to prevent wear and tear. Growing up doesn’t mean you stopped believing, did you?


Cushioned insole, leather heel and all leather lining ensures your gait never falters. Walk straight, proud and with panache in these one-of-a kind shoes. We know you want to!

Style: 14-021-0007-1208BL, Product: #15040

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