$339.96 Outlaw Tin Haul Boots With Dead On Obvious Sole
Guns Blazing, Bullets Flying, The Feel of a Winning Hand* Take a walk outside the law with the new Tin Haul Outlaw Boot* This Boot has the look and feel of a traditional cowboy boot with just a hint of outlaw edge* boot is handmade in an all leather design that features an 11" shaft, double stitch welts, a roper heel, and clear rubber soles* The shaft of the boot is black and is embroidered in great detail with a pair of pistols separated by a flaming skull and the Tin Haul name* The vamp of the boot is brown and made in the traditional style some detailed stitching on the foot * The Obvious Sole of this boot showcases a winning hand of a king, queen and ace cards along with the words "DEAD ON" and the Tin Haul logo*
Style: 14-020-0007-0093BR, Product: #12943

$349.95 Flaming Eye With Distressed Brown Vamp
Have you met Stink Eye? ** Tin Haul Boots ** Eye with fire ** Flame on the obvious sole ** Heat up the night with these cowboy boots ** Seeing is believing
Style: 14-020-0007-0041BR, Product: #6355

$339.95 Flaming 7 11 Dice Boots With Craps Table Sole
If you thought the cards were hot, throw these dice* A hand crafted boot made for the gambler in all of us ** All leather construction with an 11" shaft and roper heel ** A comfortable cushioned Insole and Roomy Square Toe make this boot comfortable for any occasion ** Shaft is embroidered with the word Seven and showcases the Number 7 on the front of the shaft along with the Tin Haul name. **Vamp is eye catching with two flaming dice on the tow showcasing the lucky number seven. ** The sole is also Unmistakable and features a craps table and the tin haul anvil ** This is an unmistakable boot made for the man that loves a gamble and isn’t afraid to show it. *Is it your lucky day with the gals? * *Take a chance
Style: 14-020-0007-0045BL, Product: #6359

$339.96 Tin Haul Boots Flamingo

Tin Haul is synonymous with a laid back style with just a hint of edginess. The men’s cowboy boots, which you have always furtively envied, have been adapted for ladies. Reinvent your signature style and add character to your step with eclectic collection of Tin Haul cowboy boots. Incorporating vivacious colors, brilliant graphics and a genius story theme, revamp your attitude with this show stopping duo and glean coveted looks for the onlookers.


Tin Haul flamingo boots are handmade and meticulously crafted pure leather constructions. This custom made pair is decked with gorgeously embroidered flamingos on the 11” distressed leather shaft and feature a black boot pulls and accentuated with palm leaf embroidery. The vamp is black and seared with trailer hood markings. What’s mesmerizing is the fact that Tin Haul takes premium leather and treats it industriously to incorporate wrinkling, scuffs and distressed marks that render a risqué overlay to design.


This modern twist on cowboy boots integrates all traditional features of wide square toe, double stitch welt and easy walking roper heels, but with an urban stroke. The leather lining, stacked heels and cushioned insole incorporate comfort with style so that you flaunt your vogue without relentlessly wreaking havoc on your feet.


Every fashionista will drool over this revved up pair when they behold the novelty outsole, which is the trademark of Tin Haul. The beach living inspired outsole inlay features a vintage camper and yard flamingo graphics that reads “Trailer Hood” when the soles are joined together. The laminated “obvious sole” is protected with hard plastic for a better grip and protection.


What better way to wear your metal and wow the crowds every time you put your feet up on the stool.

Style: 14-021-0007-1214BL, Product: #16214

$339.96 Tin Haul Boots Ink’d Tattoo Sole

“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play if safer’, the creatures of the common, the slaves of the ordinary.”


What makes a daring woman? Vision, commitment, style and a total lack of fear! No need to surreptitiously covet the cowboy panache ladies. Bring out the raving cowgirl in you with a flaming pair of Tin Haul boots. Flamboyant, outrageous and right on edge, harness your girl power and be ready to kick some ass.


Make a unique style statement with these exquisitely handcrafted genuine leather boots, rendering a revved up look to the pure country fashionista. This custom-made pair incorporates a distressed wingtip emblem embroidered on the 11” distressed red leather shaft and feature a brown boot pulls up and the signature Tin Haul anvil in contrast embroidery accents. The vamp is brown and inset with a gorgeous white dove, which stands out aesthetically against the backdrop. Get in touch with your femininity without being the damsel in distress!


This Tin Haul is all handmade pure leather construction, including the leather lining, leather heels, leather shaft, and a double-stitched welt, but what truly mesmerizes the eye is the striking outsole inlays, a trademark of Tin Haul. The outsole features a rustic “Tin Haul” banner wrapped around a dagger and contradicting it completely is the other sole incorporating a delicate rose and a hovering butterfly. The soles join together to reveal a vibrant bird on the heels. These painstakingly crafted obvious soles are covered in hard plastic coating that protects them from wearing out and keeps the shoes from slipping. The coating gives them a tad extra grip to get out of slippery situations.


These run-way drool worthy fancies incorporate all your favorite things about the true western boots: square toes, pull ups, walking heels and cushioned insoles. The supple leather lining is ideal for the women of today, who are out and about and not easy to reign in! Start digging through the flashy assortment before they run out!

Style: 14-021-0007-1265TA, Product: #16644

$22.95 Viper
6.6” total opened length, 3.7” closed *2.9” blade length, 2.7mm thick *440A steel blade *Combo edge: straight serrated *One handed liner lock mechanism *Black oxide coating on blade and all hardware *Removable knife clip can adjust to either side *flamingo-535 handle has engraved knife clip *Imported
Style: 40002-019, Product: #16676

$22.95 Viper
6.6” total opened length, 3.7” closed *2.9” blade length, 2.7mm thick *440A steel blade *Combo edge: straight serrated *One handed liner lock mechanism *Black oxide coating on blade and all hardware *Removable knife clip can adjust to either side *flamingo-535 handle has engraved knife clip *Imported
Style: 40002-720, Product: #16684

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