Chihuahua Wants Gnarly Shark Cowboy Boots for the New Year

Can we all just take a second to bask in the glory that is my favorite Tin Haul boot?  The Gnarly Shark boot is on sale right now, and that’s cause for celebration.

What’s so great about Gnarly Shark?  First of all, these stylish boots are made of high-quality, brown crackle leather and have an anvil stitch shaft.

Second–and this is what really sets these boots apart–the Gnarly Shark boots have the famous Tin Haul Obvious Sole.  That means the artwork on the boots’ sole is covered with a patented piece of clear rubber that won’t wear out.  But this sole does more than just look good — it’s also designed to keep you from slipping–unlike the soles on most classic leather boots.

The featured artwork under the Obvious Sole is a beer maid with a stein. I’m not sure what that has to do with a shark, but I sure enjoy a cold one delivered by a beautiful lady, so I won’t argue.


Style #14-020-0007-0002TA

And here’s the third thing that’s great about these stylish boots:  A couple years back, Brian Quaca from the Pigman series wore the Gnarly Shark boots. The Gnarly Shark is STILL Urban Western Wear’s biggest seller. The shark face on the boot is perfect for Pigman to wear on his hunting expeditions.  I’m sure a shark would prey on a pig if it got the chance.

And I’ve got good news for all the cowgirls out there:  The Gnarly Shark comes in women’s sizes too!  The Gnarly Pink Shark comes with the typical Tin Haul quality, but the boots are redesigned for cowgirls: The shark is pink, the embroidery on the shaft is pink, and instead of a buxom beer-server, the ladies’ Obvious Sole features palm trees and a pink sunset.  Honestly, I think this design makes a lot more sense–since palm trees grow in places like Florida that might have sharks nearby.

So, what are you waiting for?  Make 2014 the year that you finally buy the Gnarly Shark boots!  Just don’t expect people to see the shark on your feet and run away screaming–they’ll probably run towards you to compliment your footwear!

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