Finding the Perfect Pair of Designer Western Jeans for You

designer western jeansWhen you think of the phrase “Western fashion,” what images come to mind? Chances are you’re thinking of Western style hats or Western style boots — also referred to as the essential cowboy or cowgirl accessories. But what you may not have thought of is perhaps one of the most basic yet undeniably American garments out there: a great pair of jeans. The challenge for most people who like the Western look, however, is finding authentic and stylish Western jeans that will suit their lifestyles.

Western clothing has had a place in North American culture for a long time as a practical and rugged style, but today it is worn by people all over the world who are looking for a unique aesthetic. If you’re on the hunt for a great pair of designer Western jeans, don’t fret. You can use this handy guide to discover which pair will be right for your budget, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

Traditionally, cowboy jeans are made to fit close to the thighs. This was so those who wore them while ranching or horseback riding wouldn’t experience any discomfort. Although you may want to find authentic Western clothes with these same traditional fits, you might also want to look for more contemporary cuts or a relaxed fit instead. Above all, make sure to choose something that is comfortable and appropriate for any activity you choose.

One of the challenges that many people have when searching for authentic Western wear is that they don’t know what brands to choose. While there isn’t one particular brand that may be better than another, there are some brands that cater exclusively to those who like Western wear. When looking into designer Western jeans, see what other types of clothing and accessories that brand may offer. This should give you a good idea of how Western that label truly is.

As you assess a pair of designer western jeans for their quality, make sure to pay close attention to the details on those jeans. Check the stitching to ensure that there are no loose threads. Many pairs of jeans will often have designs or stitching that gives off a “Western” look, such as on the patterns on the back pockets. Whether or not you choose jeans that have this appearance, however, is entirely up to you.

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How to Find Your Next Pair of Western Work Boots in Three Easy Steps

western work bootsWestern style boots — better known as cowboy boots — are perhaps one of the most recognizable and popular types of western wear on the planet. Their look is versatile enough that they can be worn out on the town or even to work. Those who work in occupations that require manual labor, however, typically need shoes suited to their jobs, and cowboy boots don’t always cut it.

Fortunately, there are many boots for sale that can combine the toughness of work boots with the style of western fashion that so many people love. In order to find the best pair of western style work boots, take a look at these three features to help you make your decision:

For the most part, the upper parts of western style work boots are made from leather, as this is perhaps one of the most durable materials for footwear. When assessing the quality of western work boots, the leather should be some indication of how well the boots will hold up over time. Most work boots feature unfinished leather, which looks worn in or matte — as opposed to finished leather, which is shiny. However, it’s important to keep in mind that even unfinished leather needs to be cared for. With proper maintenance, a good pair of western boots should last for a long time.

While cowboy boots can look great at a special event or with casual wear, they aren’t necessarily made for all types of rugged conditions. Specifically, many standard cowboy boots don’t have very thick treads on their soles, if any. These don’t make for good work boots. However, there are western work boots that have the style of a cowboy boot with the safety of a traditional work boot. When searching for boots, make sure that they have treads on the bottom that will prevent falls; for extra safety on the job site, all work boots should also have steel toes.

Finally, no workers can do their jobs right if they’re on aching feet all day. Work boots, especially, should be comfortable enough for standing or walking in all day. Despite their weight from the soles, leather, and steel toe, wearing work boots shouldn’t make you feel like you’re dragging a ball and chain behind you. If there are laces on the boots, make sure they’re not too tight. Boots with a slight heel to them should support the whole foot and be comfortable enough for an eight-hour shift or longer.

Finding the right pair of western work boots to fit your style and needs can take time, so be prepared to explore as many of your options as possible. Look into the different brand names for western style work boots, and compare the features of the ones you like best. Have more questions about shopping for work boots? Leave a comment below.

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Three Tips for Cowboys and Cowgirls Buying Designer Western Jeans

designer western jeansWestern fashion is known for its many iconic looks: cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and even accessories like bolo ties. This style of clothing dates back to the 19th century American West and has remained popular for men and women ever since. However, there is one item of clothing that is universal across all sorts of styles: blue jeans. Jeans are one of the most widely available western style garments, and today there are plenty of fits, styles, and brands made for any cowboy or cowgirl.

If you’re looking into purchasing a great pair of designer western jeans, here are three things you should keep in mind before you make your purchase.

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Find the Right Western Work Boots for You by Examining These Three Features

western work bootsFor many people, there’s nothing quite like the look of cowboy boots. Next to cowboy hats, western style boots are some of the most recognizable accessories in the world. From western wear retailers to high fashion labels, cowboy boots serve as a staple for many wardrobes.

In addition to being worn for fashion, though, many men and women also like cowboy boots and similar styles for work. But there is much to consider when purchasing western work boots, especially when they will actually be used for labor or other intensive activities.
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From the Top of Your Hat to the Toe of Your Boot: What to Look for When Buying Western Style Clothes

western style clothesBack in the 19th century, western wear worn by cowboys was made to protect cowboys from the elements while they worked. Today, however, western style clothes are worn both for their durability and as a fashion statement. Many people love the look of western wear both as a fashion statement and for that same strength that the cowboys of old depended on.
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Twisted X Marks the Spot for Texas Family Boot Values

As anyone who knows anything about Texas (or any fan of the Ewing clan of TV’s “Dallas” fame) can attest, in the Lone Star State, family comes first.  We build things for the long haul, and teach our kids the values our parents taught us:  Work hard, play hard, do everything you do with your own personal style, and when you give your word, keep it.

Maybe that’s why Texan’s are so fond of Twisted X Boots.
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Urban Western Wear Takes a Bite out of Shark Week!

Here at Urban Western Wear, we’re pretty huge fans of The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week—and we’ve got the extensive collection of Tin Haul shark-inspired footwear to prove it.

With the annual “jaws-fest” kicking off August 10, we wanted to spread the toothy love, so through August 16, we’re offering a 10% discount on orders of $50* or more, along with a free Tin Haul Gnarly Shark Sticker on all of our favorite shark-related footwear. (Use promo code SHARK108 to claim your savings!)
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Living the Dream in Tin Haul Boots

Ever have one of those moments when you think you’re dreaming, but you know you’re wide awake?  Well, that’s just what happened to me when I got a load of Chihuahua’s floor-to-ceiling shrine of Tin Haul Boots.

Now, I know Tin Haul has a reputation for over-the-top — and come to think of it, across the sole — design, and I’m also well aware they’re some of the best-built boots money can buy.
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Corral Boots: Real Cowboy Boots Right off the Ranch

Some folks, like Chihuahua, tend to place their bets on style, while others, like me, prefer to pour our hard-earned dollars into substance.  But with Corral Boots, you never have to sacrifice cowboy style for well-made rancher durability, because all Corral products are created by some of the finest leather craftsmen in the world.
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Classic Style Meets Modern Technology in Ariat Boots for Men

By now, you know that Chicken touts himself as the be-all and end-all authority on all things cowboy.  When I do try to get my two cents in from time to time, he never tires of telling me, “You don’t have the sense god gave a rubber-soled boot.”

But I’ve been doing a little reconnoitering of my own, and on closer inspection of some of the fine men’s boots from Ariat, I’ve discovered there’s plenty of sense in a rubber-soled boot.  Along with top-of-the-mark Duratread rubber soles (a carbon rubber outsole compound formulated for superior durability and performance that’s built to withstand the harsh acids of the barnyard as well as an extreme range of conditions and temperatures), many of Ariat’s boots feature something called Advanced Torque Stability (ATS®), which is an exclusive technology that ensures ranchers, riggers, and cowboys maximum stability, comfort, and support.
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