3 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself Before Buying Ariat Boots for Men or Other Cowboy Boots

ariat boots for menWestern wear has been popular since it was worn in the early 19th century on the frontier as people battled the elements moving westward. But where denim, flannel, and cowboy boots were once a necessity on rough terrain, today they tend to be more of a fashion statement than anything else. Whether it’s fashion or function, buying a good pair of cowboy boots should involve some background knowledge.

If you’re considering making a purchase to get an authentic cowboy or cowgirl look, make sure you do your research first. Here are the three questions you should be asking yourself before buying cowboy boots.

Does brand name matter when buying cowboy boots?
Brand matters, but not necessarily in the way you might think! For instance, Ariat boots for men and women are just one of the many brand options. Brand names like Ariat boots for men may come in a number of neutral tones and include western style work boots; for women, these western style boots can include a number of styles, heel heights, and other details. While Ariat boots for men and women might be one of the options available, there are other brands, too, including Cinch, Tin Haul, and Tony Lama boots, which will all have their own unique look. But don’t get so hung up on brand name. Yes, it may matter in terms of authenticity, but there are other factors to consider when buying cowboy boots.

What’s important when buying cowboy boots?
One of the best ways to gauge quality is to look at the materials being used to make the boots. Cowboy boots, especially, need to use genuine leather, or else they risk wearing out fast when made from cheaper materials. A finished leather will give boots a shiny appearance; unfinished leather has a matte quality to it and is good for a more rustic look. However, caring for your boots is just as important, if not more so, in making them last. Make sure to remove dust and dirt after each wear, and polish the boots if necessary, to keep the leather in good condition. Leather lotions and other treatments can also help to reduce cracking and wear on boots.

Is it worth it to buy discount cowboy boots?
The nice thing about western wear is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. While some brands can cost a small fortune for a basic outfit, other names in western fashion offer the same styles for less. Some retailers will even offer discounts on designer brands that would cost far more elsewhere. In other words, yes, it can be worth it to buy cowboy boots at a discount, but only if you know what you’re getting.

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Three Things to Keep in Mind That Will Help You Find the Best Pair of Cowboy Boots

ariat boots for menHow well do you know your cowboy boots? Whether you’re in need of a new pair or buying them for the first time, it is imperative that you get it right, so you’re not running out shopping again in a month or two. Here are three aspects of the process for buying cowboy boots that you’ll need to keep in mind as you shop:

Pay attention to the fit
While choosing comfortable shoes are a given in most cases, you may be unfamiliar with how cowboy boots are supposed to feel once you put them on. You may wonder how tight the toes should be, or how much room you should have in the heel. While some aspects of the fit may come down to preference, there are ways to avoid discomfort when you buy western style boots. Pay attention to the boots’ width: either B or C for women and D or EE for men. Despite the pointed toe, the boots will accommodate your foot so long as you purchase the correct width. Your toes should be no more or less than 1 to 1-1/2 inches away from the end of the boot, and you should be able to slip them on comfortably. However, fit may vary a bit by brand, such as when it comes to the difference between Cinch boots and Ariat boots for men.

Know your brands
For some people, brand really doesn’t matter. When it comes to choosing an authentic pair of cowboy boots, though, you may want to pay attention. Tony Lama, Cinch, Tin Haul, and Ariat boots for men and women are all examples of popular western fashion brands, for instance. Different brands can also mean a plethora of designs to choose from: Ariat boots for men may offer you different designs that a pair of Tony Lama boots. No matter which brand you choose, all cowboy boots need to be cared for the same way. Because leather can crack and wear out easily, you’ll want to make sure that you shine them with a sponge after each use. This goes for both finished leather, which has a shiny luster, and unfinished leather, which is more matte and gives the look of vintage western boots.

Expect to pay for quality
Sure, you might be able to find dirt cheap boots, but often the price is too good to be true if you’re looking for something that will last. At the same time, the price for a pair of cowboy boots can climb as high as $20,000 for a pair that are custom made. Many outlets and retailers will offer discount cowboy boots that are the same great brands but sold for far less than they would normally cost. While it is true that you’re paying for quality leather and craftsmanship when you choose an authentic western brand, it is possible to get a good deal if you know where to look.

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Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Designer Western Jeans

designer western jeansMany people dread going shopping for jeans, especially given how styles and fits can vary so much. Men may be able to gauge their size by their waist and inseam measurements, but they often have to take different styles into account, like a relaxed fit or a skinny jean. For women, the process can be a bit trickier, as size charts can vary across brands and differences in style, rise, and fit can all contribute to difficulties when shopping.

Buying designer western jeans to get that perfect cowboy or cowgirl look is no different, but there are certain advantages to purchasing quality denim. Western wear is its own unique look derived from the clothing worn in the 19th century American West, and today it is found all over the world in cowboy hats, western style boots, and other western fashion accessories. And yes, this type of clothing also includes plenty of jeans.

Before you consider the purchase of designer western jeans, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. Don’t forget to answer these three inquiries as you figure out which jeans are right for you:

  • Why do you need to buy a pair of jeans? How and when you plan to wear a pair of jeans matters, especially if you’re shelling out for designer duds. If you’re planning to wear them for ranch work, a rodeo, or any other kind of physical activity, keep the quality of the jeans in mind. Many pairs of cowboy jeans fit close to the thigh so they don’t chafe while horseback riding, so if you need them for a similar purpose, make sure they’re the right cut.
  • Will you want to wear these jeans a few months or years from now? Fashion these days can be somewhat disposable, and most people have no qualms about giving up on a pair of jeans or another garment within a few months. But if a good pair of Ariat or Cinch jeans will an investment for you, then you’ll want to think carefully about your purchase. Will these jeans still be stylish a year from now? Are they something you can wear if your lifestyle changes or as the weather warms up or cools down?
  • What else will you wear with your jeans? Thinking about potential outfits is important when buying any piece of clothing. Although jeans are fairly versatile and can go with almost anything, you’ll still need to consider how they’ll work with certain garments. Can you only wear them with t-shirts or tank tops? Or can you pair them with dressy tops for work or going out? Take shoes into consideration, as well. If you have several pairs of cowboy boots, you’ll want bootcut jeans that will fit over your shoes or jeans that are narrow enough to be tucked into the boots.

Do you need more help narrowing down your choices for a great new pair of designer western jeans? Ask us for suggestions in the comments.

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What You Need to Know About Ariat Boots for Men

Ariat boots for menCowboy-style clothing started out as a necessity to protect cowboys from the harsh environment they worked in, but Western wear now serves designer, as well as practical, purposes. If you’re looking for some true Western work boots, however — made for function, and not just looks — you’ll probably need to do a little more research than if you were just looking for something with an old-time flair.

If you’re new to the search, then Ariat boots for men are a good place to start. Here’s what you should know about Ariat mens boots:

Ariat’s Core Principles
Ariat as a company actually focuses on equestrian athletes, meaning it expects its boots to be worn in some tough conditions, and not as fashion accessories. They’re made of rugged materials, just like cowboy attire from the 19th century. But you shouldn’t let the old-fashioned look of some of Ariat’s boots fool you, either; they’re designed based on the latest technology for high performance and all-day comfort regardless of whether you spend your days on the ranch or in the office.

Choosing the Right Boots
It’s hard to go wrong with Ariat work boots, and much of your choice will be based on personal taste. However, there are a couple models of Ariat mens boots you might want to take a look at to get started. The Sierra Henna is a good choice if you’re looking for a tough boot and subtle detailing. The cut of the boot and some extra seaming are a nod toward Western styles without going over the top. If you’re looking for a more traditional “cowboy” feel and are willing to spend a little extra on style, then the Ariat Shallow Water should fit the bill, with its square toe, and contrasting colors of leather.

Caring for Your Boots
Ariat boots for men are tough, but you should still take the time to clean them regularly; with good care, they’ll last for years. Keep in mind that should they get wet, leather cowboy boots should always be allowed to naturally air-dry, and a once-over with a quick-shine sponge should be sufficient to bring back the leather’s natural luster.

Have you ever owned Ariat boots for men, women or kids? Share your experience and recommendations in the comments.

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Wyoming Deputy of 40 Years Retires After His Department Bans Western Fashion Accessories from Officer Uniforms

western fashion accessoriesCowboy hats and boots are probably considered some of the most beloved western fashion accessories in the United States. Yet apparently few people love them more than a former Wyoming deputy who quit his job after a new dress code banned the items.

That’s right: after the new Sublette County Sheriff took office in January, he ordered his staff to conform to stricter dress code standards. “We are one team with a unified purpose,” Sheriff Stephen Haskell told his local Casper Star-Tribune. Therefore, officers all need to look the same in a county described as no bigger than Connecticut by a department spokesperson who talked to the Los Angeles Times.

But that didn’t sit well with Deputy Gene Bryson, who had been with the department for 28 years and had worked in law enforcement for 40 years total. Bryson regularly wore a brown cowboy hat, brown cowboy boots, and a leather vest in the summer or a wool one in the winter, worn over his uniform. The new uniform dictates that officers can only wear black trousers, a tan shirt, black boots and (optionally) a black baseball cap.

Bryson admitted to reporters that the uniform change was “kind of the reason” why he decided to retire. His western clothes and accessories were his style, and something he felt represented deputies in Wyoming. In fact, when he first began in law enforcement, Bryson said that his first department in Lusk County didn’t even have uniforms. “We wore blue jeans, cowboy boots, western shirt, put a badge on our western shirt and went to work,” he said to KCWY 13 in Wyoming.

Considering that the department’s explanation was primarily about the safety of officers, their reasons are understandable. This news story does highlight the need to decide when western style hats, boots, and other clothing is appropriate (or when it isn’t).

Western fashion accessories are fairly easy to incorporate into other outfits, however. Cowboy hats, some of which can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, are considered perfectly acceptable in certain parts of the country as daily wear. Western style boots are perfect for casual outfits, though some types can be worn with formal wear if it’s not too showy (and permitted). Anyone who owns a pair, though, has to know how to take care of these boots. Finished leather, which has a shine to it, needs to be polished regularly. Even unfinished leather should be dusted regularly to keep it clean.

When are western fashion accessories and clothes appropriate or inappropriate to wear out? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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Patriotic Clothing with a Western Style Flair

Everyone loves to show their patriotic side and what better way to show off that American spirit than with the newest styles of Patriotic Apparel and Footwear from Roper. The Colorblock Pieced Americana Collection is a modern twist on patriotic apparel and it comes in a variety of styles that range from long sleeve to sleeveless.

If you are a fan of the more traditional Stars and Stripes American Flag Patriotic Collection there is no need to worry. Roper Apparel still makes this popular style. And don’t forget about boots! Roper makes a one-of-a-kind Americana Collection of boot selections that might be just what you are looking for. No matter what your style might be there is a Patriot look that is just right for you. Whether it’s a Veteran’s Day event or a Fourth of July party, you can look your patriotic best every day. Let Freedom Ring!

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Finding the Perfect Pair of Designer Western Jeans for You

designer western jeansWhen you think of the phrase “Western fashion,” what images come to mind? Chances are you’re thinking of Western style hats or Western style boots — also referred to as the essential cowboy or cowgirl accessories. But what you may not have thought of is perhaps one of the most basic yet undeniably American garments out there: a great pair of jeans. The challenge for most people who like the Western look, however, is finding authentic and stylish Western jeans that will suit their lifestyles.

Western clothing has had a place in North American culture for a long time as a practical and rugged style, but today it is worn by people all over the world who are looking for a unique aesthetic. If you’re on the hunt for a great pair of designer Western jeans, don’t fret. You can use this handy guide to discover which pair will be right for your budget, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

Traditionally, cowboy jeans are made to fit close to the thighs. This was so those who wore them while ranching or horseback riding wouldn’t experience any discomfort. Although you may want to find authentic Western clothes with these same traditional fits, you might also want to look for more contemporary cuts or a relaxed fit instead. Above all, make sure to choose something that is comfortable and appropriate for any activity you choose.

One of the challenges that many people have when searching for authentic Western wear is that they don’t know what brands to choose. While there isn’t one particular brand that may be better than another, there are some brands that cater exclusively to those who like Western wear. When looking into designer Western jeans, see what other types of clothing and accessories that brand may offer. This should give you a good idea of how Western that label truly is.

As you assess a pair of designer western jeans for their quality, make sure to pay close attention to the details on those jeans. Check the stitching to ensure that there are no loose threads. Many pairs of jeans will often have designs or stitching that gives off a “Western” look, such as on the patterns on the back pockets. Whether or not you choose jeans that have this appearance, however, is entirely up to you.

Have more questions about finding the right pair of western jeans? Leave a comment below.

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How to Find Your Next Pair of Western Work Boots in Three Easy Steps

western work bootsWestern style boots — better known as cowboy boots — are perhaps one of the most recognizable and popular types of western wear on the planet. Their look is versatile enough that they can be worn out on the town or even to work. Those who work in occupations that require manual labor, however, typically need shoes suited to their jobs, and cowboy boots don’t always cut it.

Fortunately, there are many boots for sale that can combine the toughness of work boots with the style of western fashion that so many people love. In order to find the best pair of western style work boots, take a look at these three features to help you make your decision:

For the most part, the upper parts of western style work boots are made from leather, as this is perhaps one of the most durable materials for footwear. When assessing the quality of western work boots, the leather should be some indication of how well the boots will hold up over time. Most work boots feature unfinished leather, which looks worn in or matte — as opposed to finished leather, which is shiny. However, it’s important to keep in mind that even unfinished leather needs to be cared for. With proper maintenance, a good pair of western boots should last for a long time.

While cowboy boots can look great at a special event or with casual wear, they aren’t necessarily made for all types of rugged conditions. Specifically, many standard cowboy boots don’t have very thick treads on their soles, if any. These don’t make for good work boots. However, there are western work boots that have the style of a cowboy boot with the safety of a traditional work boot. When searching for boots, make sure that they have treads on the bottom that will prevent falls; for extra safety on the job site, all work boots should also have steel toes.

Finally, no workers can do their jobs right if they’re on aching feet all day. Work boots, especially, should be comfortable enough for standing or walking in all day. Despite their weight from the soles, leather, and steel toe, wearing work boots shouldn’t make you feel like you’re dragging a ball and chain behind you. If there are laces on the boots, make sure they’re not too tight. Boots with a slight heel to them should support the whole foot and be comfortable enough for an eight-hour shift or longer.

Finding the right pair of western work boots to fit your style and needs can take time, so be prepared to explore as many of your options as possible. Look into the different brand names for western style work boots, and compare the features of the ones you like best. Have more questions about shopping for work boots? Leave a comment below.

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Three Tips for Cowboys and Cowgirls Buying Designer Western Jeans

designer western jeansWestern fashion is known for its many iconic looks: cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and even accessories like bolo ties. This style of clothing dates back to the 19th century American West and has remained popular for men and women ever since. However, there is one item of clothing that is universal across all sorts of styles: blue jeans. Jeans are one of the most widely available western style garments, and today there are plenty of fits, styles, and brands made for any cowboy or cowgirl.

If you’re looking into purchasing a great pair of designer western jeans, here are three things you should keep in mind before you make your purchase.

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Find the Right Western Work Boots for You by Examining These Three Features

western work bootsFor many people, there’s nothing quite like the look of cowboy boots. Next to cowboy hats, western style boots are some of the most recognizable accessories in the world. From western wear retailers to high fashion labels, cowboy boots serve as a staple for many wardrobes.

In addition to being worn for fashion, though, many men and women also like cowboy boots and similar styles for work. But there is much to consider when purchasing western work boots, especially when they will actually be used for labor or other intensive activities.
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